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combinedCyberCybersecurity is an urgent business risk issue demanding immediate attention. There are a limited number of practitioners available outside of the intelligence and defense communities with the instincts, knowledge and experience to combat sophisticated adversaries trying to steal your valuable data or disrupt your operation. That’s us. SilverRhino.

… global cost of cybercrime is greater than the combined effect on the global economy of trafficking in marijuana, heroin and cocaine, which is estimated at $388 billion annually – Forbes

If failure to protect your data and operations is unacceptable for your business, SilverRhino is your solution. Our experts will use the right tools and, drawing on experience addressing extremely complex problems, will build and execute a customized road map for your enterprise.

Well-funded, sophisticated adversaries use a multitude of tools and techniques over long periods of time to compromise your data. Rely on a veteran team that understands and can keep up with them. Smart. Experienced. Relentless. SilverRhino.

Countering Today’s Persistent Threats

circles2Cybersecurity is a business risk management imperative involving people, processes and technology. SilverRhino’s proprietary planning and execution solution has been developed and refined by expert practitioners with decades of intelligence Community, Department of Defense and commercial industry experience.

SilverRhino’s solutions include security engineering, forensics, incident response, security planning and organization, temporary staffing to include CISO, tool and software evaluation, vulnerability and penetration testing, access and identity management, security training and more. We can deliver the market’s most effective protection to regional, national and global enterprises.

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Relentless Security in Three Phases

circle1Phase 1 ASSESS

A comprehensive and rigorous assessment that includes:

  • Data Assessment
    • Identifying,  evaluating and understanding risks associated with critical, valuable data
  • Process Assessment
    • Evaluating Security Planning, Process, Procedures and Organization
    • Current Controls
    • Compliance Issues
  • thumbCyberPeople Assessment
    • Access Control
    • Data Access
    • Training and Awareness in Basic Cyber Hygiene
    • Basic Risk Assessment particularly for insider threat risk
  • Technology Assessment
    • Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning
    • Evaluate Security Architecture
    • Security Operations Assessment
    • Penetration Testing (if necessary)

circle2Phase 2 ROADMAP

A thoughtful plan that combines security best practices with information gleaned during the Assessment process includes:

  • Work with senior leadership to understand the financial and brand risks associated with breaches
  • Establish a desired enterprise risk posture that balances risk with operational efficiency and investment
  • Map people, process and technology flows and points where compromise can occur
  • Identify, categorize and prioritize risks
  • Cost-effective plan that provides for relentless security that meets and exceeds the desired enterprise risk posture

circle3Phase 3 IMPLEMENT

SilverRhino can lead or partner with your internal team to:

  • Reduce insider threat
  • Improve process security
  • Replace/upgrade technology with ‘best fit’ solutions
  • Provide continuous monitoring
  • Reduce supply chain risk
  • Educate and report to your Board of Directors



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